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What's So Cool About Designer Vintage Anyway?

By: Morgan Dunn

Designer vintage items are making their way to the top of the “I needed that, shit” list, and here's why! It’s been the quintessential fashion accessory for many fashion influencers, bloggers, trendsetters, and regular folks- like myself. Opening a magazine, walking across a billboard, people-watching in central park, everyone is wearing or wishes they were wearing a staple designer piece. Prada, we see your new collection release, but our bank accounts need to survive after this summer’s events- we were outside!

The closest a few of us have gotten to obtaining the newest exclusive designer item is probably adding a piece to our online shopping cart or saving the bookmark on our laptop.

Luckily designer vintage is an alternative way for people to collect designer vintage pieces without breaking the bank. The fun of it all is securing a rare and eco-friendly item that will hold its value. Let’s say you stumble across a 1996 Vintage Lambskin Leather Chanel Jumbo Flap bag priced for $900. You’re genuinely f%&#ing lucky, and two that bag is less than the original price dependent upon the condition, but you scored BIG. It’s vintage, lower in price, superior quality, and it’s an excellent investment. If you decide to sell the bag one day, you can get more than you paid for it or resell it for close to the price you bought. Either way, you’re recycling and had the experience of owning a Chanel!

A vintage designer bag or accessory is remarkable because many of us can’t afford the newly released designer items quite yet. Suppose you’re looking for your first designer bag but are also on a budget. In that case, we (OneandDunn) receive affordable designer items once a week, brands ranging from Chanel, Pucci, Fendi (our fav), Versace, Alexander Wang, Bottega Venta, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and so much more.

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