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The Womxnhood Series: Featuring CEO and Creative Director Morgan Dunn

Being a Dunn Diva to me is a womxn who knows exactly what she wants and she’s willing to go get it, unapologetically.” -Morgan Dunn

Was there someone who inspired you most to become the Dunn Diva that you are?

Yes, my mother and Aunt have been my fashion icons and inspiration since I could walk. They are the reason for my sexy yet classy aesthetic. They’ve taught me how to shop for rare quality clothing that accentuates my curves.

Can you describe what being a Dunn Diva is to you?

Being a Dunn Diva to me is a womxn who knows exactly what she wants and she’s willing to go get it, unapologetically. She’s a move-maker and forward thinker.

What is the most challenging difficulty you’ve faced as a womxn?

Growing up I’ve struggled with my weight. The most challenging thing to face as a womxn is body pleasing society. I’ve realized that people will always have an opinion on what size and weight they think you should be.

What has been your most exciting moment with your business?

The most exciting thing about my business is seeing women feel absolutely confident in the pieces I’ve sourced. I mean I LOVE when my customers (Dunn Divas) tell me how sexy and vibrant they feel in a piece from One and Dunn.

So...let’s say you’re stuck in the Cayman Islands. Quick, what accessory is with you?

Fenty lip gloss, vintage gold rings, One and Dunn canvas bag, and a good book.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I am looking forward to reshaping the intersections of luxury and sustainability for Black women. Challenging and informing my community to be more conscious of the things they buy and wear on their bodies.

Speaking of the future, what Spring fashion trend are you excited for?

I’m excited to actually wear clothes….Outside! I know Covid has kept all my fashionista inching to bring out their bold statement pieces. I’m looking forward to vibrant colors, patterns, and textures. Lots of quality basics, woven summer bags, and strappy heels.

What advice would you like to impart to the ladies reading this right now?

BE YOURSELF. Walk-in the person you are now, be confident, remember your values. Disassociate yourself with people and things that do not align with who you are. If you are having trouble finding yourself, explore/seek the things that genuinely make you happy.

Until Next Time!

Photo from @brownynn on Instagram. The OneandDunn Team would like to thank you all for reading about the women who inspire our brand and their communities!

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