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Dunn Designer 101: What's The Best Way to Keep Your Designer Bag Safe?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Tip 1: After each use, completely declutter your bag, get rid of loose change, hookah tips from last Sunday's brunch outing, and business cards you'll need later.

Tip 2: It's not the best idea to keep loose items in your bag ever. From personal experience, I've had pens explode and gum stuck in the interior; the list goes on and on. Just don't do it, girl!

Tip 3: Fill your designer bag with recycled tissue, newspaper, or an old shirt to help keep its original shape. Stuff the corners well but don't overfill: you might stretch the material!

Tip 4 Place your bag in your ventilated Silk One and Dunn dust bag in an area with enough space for your designer bag to sit comfortably.

Take care of your bag, and your bag will take care of you!

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